Important Information Regarding Dr. Nikita Levy

Were you, or someone you care about, a patient of Dr. Nikita Levy?

Imagine you have put your trust and faith in someone so deeply and completely that you were willing to share with that person your most intimate thoughts.  Imagine that person is in a position where he pretends to care for you and assure you that he is looking out for you.  He examines you.  He probes you.  He asks every conceivable question about your personal life, your needs and your desires.  You believe in him completely.

Now, imagine how you would feel when you discover that this person has violated you, used you and deceived you.  He has videotaped you in your most vulnerable moments. He destroyed your ability to believe and have faith in people like him.  He has stolen your heart and your faith.  Your depression, anger and sadness are unfathomable. What he has done was wrong, and should not be ignored.

That is what Dr. Nikita Levy, a Johns Hopkins OB/GYN, did to the patients who trusted him, who believed in him and who had faith in him and the institution for which he worked. This faith and trust was destroyed by Dr. Levy’s actions in secretly videotaping these individuals who opened themselves up to him.  Johns Hopkins, after it dismissed Dr. Levy for this monumental invasion of privacy, simply sent letters to his patients advising them that “Nikita Levy is no longer working for Johns Hopkins and seeing patients,” and requesting that they contact Hopkins to reschedule any existing appointments to insure “continuity of care,” as if such a thing were possible.

If you or someone you care about has suffered through the actions of Dr. Levy, it is our goal to seek appropriate redress on your behalf for these wrongs. Call us.  We understand and will be there for you.

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