Maryland Car Accident Lawyer

The insurance company will not be your advocate following a car accident. Neither will the negligent driver. At the Law Offices of Douglas T. Sachse in Towson, Maryland, we work diligently and aggressively for maximum compensation based on your injuries.

Aggressive and Compassionate Representation for Car Accident Victims

Whether your injuries involve soft tissue damage or serious neck and back injuries, the attorneys at our firm in Towson, Maryland, have the experience to help you. You can rely on our aggressiveness to hold the insurance company and at-fault driver accountable. We combine big-firm experience with small-firm service.

Contact an attorney at the Law Offices of Douglas T. Sachse, for aggressive, yet compassionate, representation.

Working with the Insurance Company Following Your Car Accident

Do not accept the insurance company's settlement offer following a car crash. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer first. Managing complex legal and medical issues on your own is an overwhelming prospect. You need to recover, and a lawsuit may be the only way for you to get the relief you deserve.

Our attorneys can shoulder the burden of the legal and administrative issues related to your car accident by:

  • Negotiating with the insurance company and fighting any attempt to minimize the effects of your car accident or hold you accountable
  • Gathering evidence by conducting a thorough investigation with the help of accident reconstructionists and other experts
  • Reviewing all insurance policies to determine coverage, identify any bad faith issues and seek motorist coverage for the uninsured or underinsured when needed.
  • Medicare - you have been involved in an accident, Law Offices of Doug T. Sachse will help you with your medicare process.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Our job is to determine the full extent of your car accident injuries and ascertain their effects on your professional and personal life. From there, we strive for full compensation for your injuries. We work diligently to hold negligent drivers accountable for their acts.

To schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding an auto wreck injury, pedestrian accident, or fatal car accident, please contact us.

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