Towson Business Litigation and Breach of Contract Lawyer

Many businesses in Towson and throughout Maryland have benefited from our background in business litigation. At the Law Offices of Douglas T. Sachse, we have extensive, hands-on experience protecting the interests and assets of our clients in this complex area of the law.

Experienced Business Litigation Representation in Various Industries

While our practice of business litigation has primarily helped the transit and trucking industry, we are prepared to help businesses in almost any industry. Our firm has pursued business litigation that included issues such as:

  • Breach of contract
  • Incorporation and limited liability company formation
  • Partnership agreements
  • Contract negotiation
  • Business disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Business dissolution

Protecting Companies through Business Litigation

Businesses need protection when an employee, client, or vendor breaches an agreement. Non-paying clients absorb much-needed revenue from a business. Vendors who overcharge or fail to deliver on their promises can impede operations. Employees who violate non-compete agreements and do not adhere to their contract can compromise the intellectual property of their former employer or deplete its client list. The damage done can even result in the dissolution of a once healthy business.

Insurance Companies as Plaintiffs and Defendants in Business Litigation

A unique aspect of our business litigation practice at the Law Offices of Douglas T. Sachse deals with insurance companies. We have represented businesses in various industries involved in litigation with their insurance companies. We have also put our experience to work on behalf of insurance companies. Because we regularly handling both sides of such disputes, we understand how the opposing side operates.

Contact a Seasoned Business Litigation Attorney

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