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If you are arrested for drunk driving, a conviction is not inevitable. Prosecutors may seek an immediate plea bargain from you. Do not make any deal before talking to an experienced DUI defense attorney at the Law Offices of Douglas T. Sachse in Towson, Maryland.

Contact us now for a free consultation in Towson, Maryland. We will aggressively defend your rights and your freedom.

Why You Need an Experienced and Aggressive DUI Defense Attorney

Whether this is your first offense or a felony DUI charge, you are entitled to aggressive representation from a DUI defense attorney.

A DUI arrest and conviction bring serious consequences. Immediately following your arrest — and prior to any court date — you must make sure that you still have the legal ability to drive. Your license can be revoked, albeit temporarily, even before you are convicted. We will help you file the necessary paperwork with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Association (MVA) and try to keep you on the road while your case is pending.

At the Law Offices of Douglas T. Sachse, we recognize the consequences of a DUI conviction. DUI penalties such as losing the ability to drive can cost you your job and escalate your insurance rates. The impact on your personal and professional life is too severe to not have a seasoned DUI defense attorney on your side.

Establishing Your DUI Defense Case

Investigating and establishing your DUI defense requires great attention to all the details. We will:

  • Review law enforcement’s probable cause for the initial stop that led to your DUI arrest
  • Challenge breathalyzer results to determine whether the methods and procedures that the officer used during field sobriety testing and any chemical testing for blood alcohol content (BAC) adhered to strict rules and regulations
  • Fight for a reduced sentence or dismissal of your case

We will also help you if you need an evaluation or treatment. In the end, we ensure the best outcome for your individual situation.

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